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In countries across Africa, when a parent goes to prison, the impact on their families, and their children in particular, are severe. Often, their children are left homeless and forced to fend for themselves, lacking basic access to stable housing, education, proper nutrition, and opportunity to build a better life. 

A Touch of Light is committed to changing this outcome, by working with local community leaders in Uganda to create a School of the Arts to provide housing, basic and higher education, and artistic/job training to homeless youth with an incarcerated parent.

Our goal is to create a program that is financially self-sustaining, by building relationships with with organizations & companies in the United States and Uganda to develop unique artistic, high-quality products that will help sustain the program.

In order to accomplish a positive outcome for these youth, we are seeking to raise funding for a building that will serve as both a school and a home, a small plot of land that can be developed for agricultural use, and a limited number of qualified staff from the local Ugandan community who will teach and oversee the program. We are also seeking to raise the funds to send Art students to Uganda for study abroad-type opportunities, to teach the Arts to youth in the program, and to Captive Artists™ incarcerated in Ugandan prisons.

We realize this is an audacious undertaking - but we're committed to helping bring a "touch of light" to the children of prisoners in Uganda, and to helping families around the globe whose lives have been impacted by incarceration. We can't do it alone though - we need your help!

Your contribution, regardless of size, will help create education and opportunity for the young people shown here, and many more like them. Thanks for your support!

All donations are tax-deductible through Shunpike, our 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor!

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Thanks to generous contributions, ten young people are now enrolled in school! We need your help to meet our goal of enrolling 25 youth in school, and funding their education through the academic year. The cost of attendance is $300/youth per quarter - every little bit helps!

Thanks to many generous donors, we were able to sponsor our first annual Christmas Dinner for the children of prisoners in Uganda! Many thanks to all who contributed!

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