"Doc" Jerry

U.S. Veteran


Captive Artist

What follows here is a portion of "Doc" Jerry's story, told in his own words. We will make further updates to this page as Doc continues to share his story with us. 


"Doc" Jerry is a true American hero, and we are honored that he has chosen us to represent him. Join us for the story of Six Bandaid!

"Doc" Jerry was the medic assigned to 1/6 (1st  Platoon.)  Here he's shown showing off his palatial digs on LZ Ike.

“Six Bandaid” – "Doc" Jerry


“Today, I live in the year 1969 - nothing ever changes. I am still caring for the wounded while others are dying in my arms. I am a combat medic in the Vietnam War, and my nightmares and daydreams are of the combat and death. My dreams are the same, day after day, and year after year. I can still smell the blood from the wounded and the dead bodies, that has soaked deep into my clothing, month after month."

"My company commander, who wrote the book “Same River, Different Water: A Vietnam Veteran’s Journey from Vietnam to Viet Nam” says, ‘I’m not a hero. Being wounded does not make me a hero. But "Doc" Jerry is a hero to me. I repeatedly saw Doc expose himself to enemy fire for the sake of the wounded troopers in his care. Doc himself was wounded, and is still wounded today.’"


"The author of that book, Douglas Young, still watches over me today – not as a company commander, but as my brother. My writings, drawings, and paintings are of what I see in my dreams. The images are always of combat, and of daily life in the jungle, day after day. I am with an Airmobile unit called "Tall Comanche," a radio call sign for C Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)."

"I am the Senior Medic, with the radio call sign of "Six Bandaid." The cry of "Medic! Medic!" never stops. We are an "Airmobile" unit making CA's (Combat Assaults) in Huey helicopters into LZ's (Landing Zones) approximately every three days, most times into enemy fire. Then chasing and tracking down the enemy, and setting up ambushes on the Mustang Trail."

"On July 23rd I was wounded by an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade), along with twelve others. One was killed, only a few feet from the initial blast. Adrenaline was with me as I provided medical attention to the wounded, at the time not knowing that I was wounded myself."

"That day in combat was my last in the jungle. The wound on my leg was not serious, but little did I know that day, that I was also wounded in mind and heart. Today those wounds have gotten deeper than ever."

"My drawings and paintings are of what I see in my dreams, although I also try to paint Viet Nam as it is today. Other drawings and paintings that I do are Western related, reminding me much of the ranch I had in Yakima, Washington. I love to paint old rusting hulks, muscle cars and antique cars. Other interests are old trains, old forts, missions, and ghost towns."

"No matter what I draw or paint, I always return to the subject of Vietnam. I have written a book, called "Six Bandaid," and it is almost ready to be published. I have just finished Book One of Five, of a Graphic Novel series called "Tall Comanche's Six Bandaid." Book One is 144 pages, with 240 pen & ink illustrations. One of my watercolor paintings I call "Vietnam War Survivor" won Runner-Up in an International competition sponsored by the "Creative Quarterly Journal," and will be featured in their fall magazine."

For his service with C Company, and his acts of valor while under enemy fire, "Doc" Jerry was awarded the Combat Medic Badge, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and the Air Medal.

More information about "Doc" Jerry's unit, Tall Comanche, can be found at:



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