Scene from "Johar...Up In the Air" at Roumieh prison 

Catharsis is the first non-profit organization in Lebanon to promote & offer therapeutic actions through the use of theatre & art processes for individuals and groups. It offers services & programs in various social, educational & therapeutic settings such as substance abuse treatment centers, mental health facilities, hospitals, correctional facilities, private practice settings for children & adults, schools and corporations. Catharsis also works with individuals who want to explore various life problems & expand their quality of life.

Under the guidance of their Executive Director, Zeina Daccache, Catharsis produced the play & documentary 12 Angry Lebanese with male inmates of Roumieh Prison (2009-2010); Scheherazade in Baabda the play interpreted by Baabda prison women inmates (2012); the play From the Bottom of my Brain with the residents at Al Fanar psychiatric hospital (2013); the documentary Scheherazade’s Diary with the Baabda inmates (2013).

Scheherazade's Diary - Trailer

12 Angry Lebanese - The Documentary