U.S. Veteran

These beautiful hand-crafted creations are just a few samples of Jay's artistic talent.


Perfect as gifts for the holidays, these beautifully hand-crafted wall hangings are sure to brighten your home for the holidays! Each piece comes framed behind glass, as shown below, and is completely ready to hang on your walls! Give a hand-crafted gift for the holidays!

Stay tuned! We'll be adding Jay's bio and more neat hand-stitched items soon!

Jay spends 100-125 hours meticulously hand-crafting each of these beautiful hand-stitched items 

Lighthouse $250
15x18 Cross-Stitch
Fall Farming $250
17x20 Cross-Stitch
Cross-stitch Snowmen $350
14x34 Cross-Stitch

This is one continuous piece.
Cross-stitch Snowmen $300
14x34 Cross-Stitch

This is one continuous piece.
Apples for Sale $275
16x20 Cross-Stitch
Feathered Friends $275
16x20 Cross-Stitch
Harvest Bounty $275
16x20 Cross-Stitch
Season of Plenty $250
11x14 Cross-Stitch
Stained Glass $275
16x20 Cross-Stitch
Spring Cottage $250
14x18 Cross-Stitch
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