Fr. Greg Kennedy, S.J.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Greg Kennedy entered the Jesuits in 2006 and was ordained a Catholic priest in 2015. Before this religious turn, he com-pleted a PhD in philosophy, with an emphasis on ecology. He began writing poetry in high school and Reupholstered Psalms is his first published collection.   

At several points in his Jesuit life, Greg has been able to engage in prison ministry. First outside of Kingston, Jamaica in 2007, where he accompanied volunteers weekly to visit inmates on a prison farm. Later, he joined the Quaker team for weekly visits to Toronto West Detention Centre. The team led brief Quaker-style meditations, followed by open conversations about topical issues. After returning from two years of study in Colombia, South America, Greg has served as a spiritual director and farm laborer at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario. Due to the sizable distance between Guelph and the nearest prison, Greg has not been able to minister to incarcerated populations lately. However, thanks to Covid19, the retreat house where he works is about to become the residence for approximately 40 homeless people, some of whom live with addictions and mental illness. Greg looks forward to serving the residents in whatever ways he can.

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