Captive Artist


Anthony writes and paints from prison. He has written one published short story, an un-published novel, and several un-published short stories and poetry.


Despite limited experience, Anthony was hired to paint murals in the prison mural design shop. Just a few days prior to being hired, the paint shop crew that was to teach him was fired, so he learned how to paint by reading Jerry Yarnell books and taking tips from accomplished artists who would occasionally stop by. He is currently painting landscapes from photographs, and trying his hand at portraiture.

Sold Prior to Listing

Sold Prior to Listing

Sold Prior to Listing

Stay tuned for Anthony's book, "Magic Lantern"

Coming Soon!

This beautiful new original piece by Anthony is now available!

"16vana Crossing"

Acrylic on Canvasboard 16x20


Sold Prior to Listing

Sold Prior to Listing

Sold Prior to Listing | 206.245.4937 | Wed 8am-12 noon

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