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We're excited to announce the launch of our arts newsletter! We'll be featuring visual art, stories, poetry and more, submitted by justice-involved artists. If you're in contact with a Captive Artist™, drop us a line - we'd love to feature them!

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For anyone wishing to contribute content, submissions are due by the 3rd Saturday of each month. For justice-involved contributors, submissions can be sent to the following address:


ATTN: Pharos Editor

A Touch of Light

300 Lenora Street #311

Seattle, WA 98121

For fifteen hundred years, the Lighthouse of Alexandria (named Pharos, after the island it was built on), guided travelers safely to port. Borrowed from the Egyptian Coptic ‘phareh’ (guardian), in Greek, the word ‘pharos’ means lighthouse. Whether this publication lasts for five years or fifteen hundred, it is our aim to keep watch over the Captive Arts™, and to be a guarding and guiding light for all those artistic sailors who currently sail on stormy seas.

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