La Compagnia della Fortezza

We're honored to be collaborating with Armando Punzo and the Compagnia della Fortezza of Volterra, Italy, for our Captive Art™ exhibit at the 5th Avenue Theatre. For 28 years, Armando and the Compagnia have been creating magnificent pieces of performance art, working with the prisoners at Volterra Prison.

Depicted here is a showcase of theatrical productions put on by Armando Punzo and the Compagnia della Fortezza. The Compagnia is a group of prisoners who have traveled all over Italy performing theatre shows, and have won numerous awards in Europe for their world-class productions. This video, and selected pieces of art from the Compagnia della Fortezza and other Captive Artists, will be on display October 7th-30th in Studio E at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle.

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Liberi di Creare 2016 

Imagery courtesy of the Compagnia della Fortezza

Photography by Stefano Vaja