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The Torch Project

The Torch Project, based in Melbourne, works to support Indigenous artists who are, or have recently been, incarcerated in a correctional facility in Victoria, Australia.

Set within the context of the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement the program's focus is on the role of culture and cultural identity in the rehabilitation processes for Indigenous prisoners. The program aims to make a positive change to the disproportionately high rates of Indigenous recidivism by increasing the participation and confidence of participants with the arts industry. The program engages offenders and ex-offenders in skill development opportunities that are socially and culturally relevant and achievable within the context of their circumstances.

To ensure post release pathways are sustainable, emerging artists are assisted to foster new arts networks and to find vocational art opportunities to increase their levels of legitimate and self generated income.

St. Kilda Town Hall
"Nowhere Goanna", Drew (Wailwan).
St. Kilda Town Hall
Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre.
St Kilda Town Hall

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