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"Cristo Viene" - Seferino Garcia Vega
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My name is Seferino. I am 44 years old now, and I have been in prison for almost 25 of those years. Praise God that I have a release date in May of 2017.

I’ve enjoyed listening to music as far back as I can remember. As a child, I never imagined that I would be so involved with music as I am now. I asked Jesus Christ into my life about 5 years after I came to prison. One day, while I was in church, I asked God if I had a talent. For years I didn’t know what, if any, my talent was.

In 1999 I was transferred to another prison in the State of Colorado. I started to write prose, but I could never find anyone to guide me and put those words to music, so I stopped writing. In 2005 I was transferred to Arizona, where I began writing again, but still with no success. In 2014, in the Washington State DOC, I began writing yet again, but this time I found someone who could put my words to music. When my friend, who asked to remain anonymous, played a guitar and sang the words I had written, I was simply amazed!


So far I have written over 100 songs – though I am not a musician, I do consider myself a Lyricist, because when I write, I do so with the intent to put those words to music.


Most of my songs have a Christian message, but I do have some songs that are based on some of the pain and struggles I have faced in my life.


I want to one day be able to have my songs professionally recorded in a studio. I know nothing about recording, and so I am looking for anyone to help me achieve this goal, which I feel that God has placed in my life. I’m most grateful for any guidance or advice which might come my way – Thank You!


My friend has sung about 30 of my songs – I hope to put my other lyrics to music, and be able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through my songs. Thanks for listening!


Your friend & brother in Jesus Christ,

“El Apache de Sinaloa”


Christ is coming

And He is coming very soon

Whoever is walking in sin

That day he will cry


He will come in the clouds

He will come with His power

Whoever is not prepared

That day he will be lost


Be prepared, my friends

Be sure not to be lost

You must be prepared

One day at a time.

Cristo viene

Y vendrá muy pronto

Quien está caminando en pecado

Ese día llorará


Vendrá en las nubes

Él vendrá con Su poder

Quien no está preparado

Ese día se perderá


Estar preparado, mis amigos

Asegúrese de no perderse

Debes estar preparado

Un día a la vez.

"Cristo Viene" (Christ is Coming)