Sandor R.

There’s Hope Through Tragedy

From Dark to Light

My name is Sandor, and I am a Captive Artist™ with many talents and skills.

Born 1988, raised in San Diego, CA, with my older sister and by two wonderful

parents. In 2001, my family and I moved to Washington State. Culturally I am a

descendant of the Uichol and Dine, the People of the First Nations and Mexico.

However, I am a second generation, born in the United States and proud to be an American.

At an early age my creativity naturally developed due to curiosity. As a toddler I learned batteries ruled the TV remote, not the user. So it became my duty to collect all the batteries around the home. Cartoons would rule the TV unless the family was willing to manually change the channels. I’ve always had a gift of figuring things out, from picking up a musical instrument and playing a whimsical tune, to creating anything I can put my mind to.

While my family will tell you I destroyed perfectly good toys, I will tell you I improved them. Things could be made faster, smarter, stronger and better in every way. After I “destroyed” an expensive RC truck that was gifted for Christmas at the age of seven, my parents refused to buy me new toys. Future gifts became trips to the thrift store for all the parts I needed. A month or two after Christmas, my wonderful & amazing parents realized my new RC truck had been converted into a functioning RC sailboat. While most kids saw a cool new toy, I saw a cool new project with endless possibilities.

Unfortunately in 2010, a devastating circumstance took place, and I was imprisoned in jail, then convicted and sentenced to prison in 2012. My art is an expressed reflection of my environment. It is currently dark and gloomy, yet you can still see the beauty and complexity to my story. There is perplexity to devastation as complex as creating hope through tragedy.

My favorite media to work with is graphite and ball point pen. With these essential tools I can express my deepest thoughts and bring my visions to life. My visual art is also paired with my poetry. I do work with many forms of art, and in different media - with all of my art, I gift to you a part of my soul.

New Art!

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The Twisted Forest
15"x20" Graphite & Ink on Matteboard
Crows to Free Thy Soul
15"x20" Graphite & Ink on Matteboard
The Twisted Forest
Original poetry by the artist
Crows to Free Thy Soul
Original poetry by the artist
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