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Captive Artist



My art or craft, if you will, consists mainly of turning regular gauges of copper 36-6A to 40-6A sheets into works of art – tooling them by forming and molding the copper. I have also done some projects by way of etching. I first learned of this craft here at FCI Schuylkill, and have been teaching a class on copper tooling for about four years now.


In my bio picture, you can see a 12” x 18” piece, which started out as just a sheet of 36-6A copper. A small clock was also installed. Everything you see was made from copper, except the wooden frame and clock parts.


These custom works of art make very nice gifts, and creating them has made my time in prison go more quickly. By making gifts and hopefully being able to sell them, will aid me in the long term. I have been incarcerated since 1997, with a sentence of 50 years, and have very little resources – the wages I make from my prison job go entirely towards the supplies and materials I need to continue creating my art.

Creating my art keeps my mind busy and keeps me out of trouble – allowing me to do something useful with my imagination. I create everything from ships to wild animals, to my favorite football team logos and much more – you name it, I can put it on copper! 

Check out more of Steve's awesome work! 

More amazing work coming soon!

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