• Daniel Shea

Adonai Fundraiser - Tacoma

On October 4th, our team went down to Tacoma, to participate in a fundraiser with Adonai Counseling & Employment. They're a wonderful group of people strongly committed to providing re-entry services to communities across the state, and helping Returning Citizens get on their feet and get a Second Chance. We're very grateful for the chance to participate, and to speak about our mission as well - in particular, the spontaneous applause when we talked about Jay (one of our artists) and the support he's been able to provide his family through the Arts, was a resounding affirmation of our work with Justice-Involved Veterans & artists across the country. We were pleased to donate both artwork and freshly roasted DuShea's Coffee to their fundraising auction as well. Thanks to Ana Perera and the good folks at Adonai for having us!

From left: Linda Piekkola, ATOL Advisory Board Chair; Daniel Shea, ATOL President & Co-Founder; Ana Perera, CEO Adonai Counseling & Employment

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