A Touch of Light

There is perhaps no more poignant expression of the power and beauty of the human spirit than the art that emerges from the darkest corners of humanity. From a pit in India to a cave in Afghanistan to a dimly lit cell in Southern Georgia, prisoners cling to hope by creating something beautiful. Exquisite paintings, sketches, sculptures and music are born in captivity every day.


A Touch of Light is committed to bringing you the very highest quality art made by Captive Artists™ in prisons around the globe. The proceeds of every donation will be used to bring hope and help to the families of prisoners - those who need a touch of light in their lives. 


For the 2015 holiday season, A Touch of Light is proud to offer stunningly reproduced Holiday Greeting Cards featuring original Captive Art™, as well as beautifully hand-crafted beadwork earrings and jewelry. These items are the perfect gift to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones! Select your donation gift today!


A Touch of Light is also proud to offer our signature "You're Not Alone" Greeting Card collection. These beautiful 4.25" x 5.5" cards are perfect for reaching out to let someone know that they matter to you. For a $5 donation (plus shipping), A Touch of Light will send a "You're Not Alone" card on your behalf to the prisoner of your choice. Donate now and send a Gift of Light today!

Pleased to announce that we have a short interview upcoming with Brother Bruce Aitken, recently featured in the New York Times for his Hong Kong radio program, "The Hour of Love", which airs 9pm-11pm local time in Hong Kong. Brother Bruce is a former prisoner himself, and his program reaches out to provide support & encouragement to the local incarcerated population in Hong Kong, with a following of over 60,000 listeners throughout the region.

If you'd like to tune in, you can listen to the live broadcast online here, or tune into AM 1044 Metro Plus. For archived recordings, you can listen here.

The show will air live at 6am Pacific Standard Time, or 9am East Coast Time in the United States.

In addition to providing practical and pragmatic help to the families of prisoners, our goal is to establish A Touch of Light as an International Non-Profit Organization, working to support the development of other businesses designed to provide job skills training, re-entry resources, employment opportunities for former prisoners, and additional fundraising avenues for our social outreach programs.

We are currently working towards launching our own gallery, La Pintura™, with plans to open gallery spaces in 2016. Working initially from a virtual showroom online, La Pintura will create greeting cards, calendars, prints, posters and quality framed originals for display and sale to a worldwide market. This artwork was born of the spirit of prisoners trying to find light in their darkness. By sharing it with the world, that same work of art can touch the hearts and souls of millions more. 


La Pintura will work in partnership with A Touch of Light to bring light and hope to the lives of millions of prisoners and their loved ones around the world. Quality artwork created by prisoners can be purchased and sent worldwide, with the proceeds used on behalf of prisoners and their loved ones through A Touch of Light.

Whether you can give $5 or $5000, you can give with confidence that your donation will be used to provide practical and pragmatic support for prisoners and their loved ones around the world. Please show your support and give a Gift of Light today!

Benjamin Shea, Social Media Coordinator 

Benjamin is a full-time student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He currently works as a Resident Assistant on campus, as well as mentoring his fellow students in Calculus. He is also a member of the United States Civil Air Patrol, and holds the grade of Cadet Colonel (Spaatz Award #1958).


Benjamin currently helps to coordinate the efforts of multiple volunteers who assist with the social media needs of A Touch of Light.