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White Horse

White Horse was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 21st, 1962. He spent 13 years there, until moving to the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with his family in 1975, where he graduated high school, attended various colleges, and was blessed with two exceptionally gifted, intelligent and wonderful boys from his high school sweetheart. She left seven years later.

He eventually dated again and married for the first time on September 22nd, 1990. He moved to Monroe in Washington State, owned and operated a very successful HVAC/R business, and lived humbly with his growing family, which also included multiple loyal pets such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, a ferret, iguanas, sheep, chickens, cattle, and horses - all located on his ten acre "Dream Farm" property. He was truly blessed again with the gifts of two very precious, uniquely talented and beautiful daughters. She left after thirteen years.


White Horse currently has been additionally blessed with three super-fantastic, full-of-potential marvelous grandchildren, and is unmarried, but still holding out hope for "the one" special woman to share the joy of love and life with, by always smiling, laughing, and helping each other to grow in every way, each day. He loves deeply and is so very proud of all his children, grandchildren and family, because Family is the number one most important treasure he has been blessed with, and he continues to be surprised every day by them all.

Being a hopeless romantic, he displays his heart in watercolors, drawing, and music, as a way of expressing his love and appreciation for the joys of life.

White Horse’s use of color and silhouette come together to allow the viewer to experience vicariously the many joys of life, freeing the imagination to run wild as they place themselves within his unique interpretation of the world

"Jingle All the Way"

16" x 20" Watercolor on Paper

 $275.00 + S&H

"Ice Dancers"

11" x 14" Watercolor on Paper

 $225.00 + S&H

"Dance & Shout"

16" x 20" Watercolor on Paper

 $275.00 + S&H | 206.245.4937 | Wed 8am-12 noon

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