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We're committed to helping create restorative & rehabilitative opportunities for military Veterans who have faced incarceration after serving their country. We feel that the Arts have great potential to help heal & restore those who have suffered the double trauma of combat service and incarceration, and help them chart a new path for the future.

A Touch of Light is organizing an exhibition of Veteran-created Captive Art™ in December at the Seattle Center. The exhibit will feature art created by incarcerated Veterans from around the United States, as well as speakers and authors with experience in the Arts, the military, and the justice system.

In addition, we've reached out to the Theater of War project in New York City, headed by Bryan Doerries, recently chosen as New York City's newest Public Artist in Residence. Under Mr. Doerries artistic direction, Theater of War has won numerous awards and accolades for their dramatic performances of ancient Greek plays, which the group uses to create powerful social engagement around topics of military service, working to de-stigmatize psychological injury, and help increase awareness of post-deployment psychological health issues. 

Theater of War has expressed interest in joining us for the exhibition in December and putting on a public performance, if we can raise the funds necessary to cover their performance and travel costs. Every donation towards bringing Theater of War to Seattle, and creating a powerful performance, is deeply appreciated and highly impactful. Thank You!

Several of our currently represented artists are U.S. military veterans, but we are seeking additional Veteran artists who would like to contribute. Please contact us!

Bryan Doerries, Theater of War, New York City Public Artist in Residence, New York City, Public Art, Seattle Art, A Touch of Light, Captive Art™, Seattle Center

Bryan Doerries

New York City Public Artist in Residence

Artistic Director, Theater of War

Letter of Interest, Bryan Doerries, Theater of War, City of New York Public Artist in Residence, Public Art, Seattle Art, Captive Art™, A Touch of Light, Veteran Art Exhibition

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All donations are tax-deductible through Shunpike, our 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor!

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We continue to reach out to additional speakers and participants, and will post a full list of committed participants - Stay tuned!