Captive Artist


Michael "Preacher" Felton 

Michael’s artistic expertise is in creating beaded jewelry using specialized Delica Beads, which are a top-quality bead designed especially for jewel and decorative work.

Michael is originally from Pennsylvania, but has lived all over the United States, as well as parts of Europe. He comes from a military family, and has traveled extensively, including being stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army and serving with the U.S. Navy. He has a son, and has served eleven (11) years of his 15-year sentence. His ambition when he is released is to work with his church and open a free automotive shop for the members of his church and the local community.

“There’s always a single parent who needs some work on their car, truck or van, but simply cannot afford it. I want to “give back” to society by offering my automotive experience and skills to those who need it, free of charge.”

– Mike Felton

Michael has also earned the following certificates from the Universal Life Church:


Credentials of Ministry                                                   April 10th, 2015

Doctor of Divinity                                                            May 6th, 2015

Doctor of Religious Science                                           May 6th, 2015

Title of Preacher                                                              June 2nd, 2015

Doctor of Metaphysics                                                   June 23rd, 2015

Doctor of Universal Life                                                 June 23rd, 2015

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion                                  June 30th, 2015

Doctor of Biblical Studies                                              January 15th, 2016

Pink Cat's Eye (E-001)

$14.95 + S&H

Pink Cat's Eye (E-003)

$14.95 + S&H

White Magnasite (E-005)

$15.95 + S&H

White Magnasite (E-007)

$15.95 + S&H

Pink Cat's Eye Hoops (E-004)

$16.95 + S&H

Shinjin Jewel Box (JB-001)

$71.00 + S&H

"Wo Ai Ni" Jewel Box (JB-002)

$56.75 + S&H

This beautifully hand-crafted jewel box is shaped like a tiny Japanese Pagoda!

This amazingly detailed "Wo Ai Ni" ("I Love You") jewel box has the Chinese character for Love intricately worked into each face of the box.

Heart Necklace & Bracelet (Hearts-001)

$19.95 + S&H



Russian Sepatine Set (S-002)

$21.27 + S&H

Brown Gold Stone Set (S-001)

$21.27 + S&H