J.P. is a self-taught artist who started out working in graphite. When he purchased a set of watercolor pencils, he fell in love using color, and after experimenting with with the brush, ordered some acrylic paints, and never looked back. Although he still works in graphite, he learns more and more as he uses the brush, and has gained new perspectives on his process and subject matter. He works in the prison library, and constantly sees pictures that he dreams of turning into paintings – being able to render ordinary things and places has become a passion for him.


While he began his artistic journey on his own, J.P. reads and watches painting shows, and works with a professional artist who constantly pushes him to try new techniques. He looks forward to trying his hand at still-life, portraits, lighthouses, and ocean scenes – keep checking back, as his next project might be your favorite!

Portfolio Work - Click images to enlarge

Tall Ship $170
16" x 20" Stretched Canvas, Acrylic
For me this scene invokes a feeling of nostalgia. I enjoyed painting the different components that make a “tall ship” work.
Still Life $150
16" x 20" Canvas, Acrylics
While studying with a fellow artist, he encouraged me to try different things, one being a still life painting. This was enjoyable to paint and create a scene that has beauty and interest. It also taught me to be able to add different things and play around with the shadows and try glazing techniques that will slowly improve my skills. I hope you find the same beauty and interest that I had while painting it.
Koi $150
As a learning artist my instructor had me pick a project. These Koi seemed a very nice subject. I really enjoyed painting them, and hope you enjoy them as well.

12" x 16" Canvas, Acrylic
On Butterfly Wings $150
12" x 16" Canvas, Acrylics
As a learning artist my instructor had me pick a project. These butterflies seemed a very nice subject - I really enjoyed painting them and working with the shadows.
Heritage Celebrated $170
18" x 24" Canvas, Acrylics
This was my first attempt at a portrait using paint. Previously I have rendered a couple portraits in graphite. I was very skeptical as well as intimidated to attempt one in paint, however I was very fortunate to have a friend who is a professional artist, who encouraged and guided me through the process. This project taught me a lot - it was both challenging and fun, and I now look forward to painting
more portraits.
Cozy Hideaway
9" x 12" 150 lb Paper, Graphite
I really enjoy rendering subjects from nature. This picture is full of interesting vines, berries, leaves and bark, which created extra interest and a "cozy hideaway" for the main subject.
A Walk in the Park $165
12" x 16" Canvas, Acrylic
This was a group project. The artist instructing me gave me an assignment to pick our project. I really like how the perspective in this picture draws the eye to the opening in the wall. I enjoyed painting this scene and found it easy to envision myself there. The instructor really liked my choice, and it amazed us all how we painted the same painting and were all slightly different, which shows us we all look at art differently.
Sneaky $150
9" x 12" 150lb Paper, Graphite
I liked the depth created with the layered leaves. I also like the intensity of the subject's pose. He was being a little "sneaky"...
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