We're pleased to announce that the first of our Captive Art™ Holiday Card Collection are now available!


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Holiday Card 3-Pack!

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These beautiful Captive Art™ cards are available individually or in a handy 3-pack! Order today and send a Gift of Light for the Holiday Season!

"Santa's Helpers"

"Santa & Gifts"

"Frosty on Ice"

"Candy Cane & Holly"

"Girl with Gift"

Thanksgiving Cards

"Boy with Gift"

Send a Happy Thanksgiving card to a loved one today and shine some light! Each of these beautiful cards are available in our 4.25" x 5.5" size.


The "Happy Thanksgiving" card is an original piece created by a Captive Artist™.


The "Pie & Coffee" card was designed by a former prisoner who earned a Certificate in Graphic Design while incarcerated, and now works to help A Touch of Light showcase Captive Art™ created by prisoners seeking to make a positive contribution to society while still incarcerated.

"Thanksgiving Pie & Coffee"

$5.00 Donation

"Happy Thanksgiving"

$5.00 Donation