Captive Artist


Gerith Crow

“Music Makes Me Smile”

“Pain, disappointment, mistakes, and struggles may not be the most enjoyable aspects of life, but they come with it nonetheless. We all walk through our rough patches, or sit in a box with an alone feeling for a moment, whether it be a box constructed of emotions or concrete. It is moments like these that hold some of the greatest bearing on the direction our life will take. For some, they are the breaking point, and for others, they are a source of motivation. For me, they were both. And, I’m thankful for every hurt, struggle, disappointment, and mistake I’ve endured, because although they weren’t enjoyable, they made for some good music.”

"Reasons" - Gerith Crow
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This recording was made directly from a prison telephone call with Gerith's sister. The current sound quality is due to equipment limitations - however, we are working to improve this, and look forward to hearing more of Gerith's original songs. Thanks Gerith!

“I am 26 years old and have had my share of down times throughout my life. Yet, every one of those down times have contributed to making me the musician I am today.”

“Music has been my best friend, an outlet, and the one point of sanity I’ve managed to grasp, and has held me afloat even when I was on the verge of drowning in a lifestyle that threatened to consume me. It was during these times that much of my music was written. It kept me alive and fighting when I felt hopeless, and now serves me as a reminder of how low life can sink, and also how much I’ve been capable of enduring.”

“I’ve written quite a few songs, and feel the most comfortable in my skin when performing for anyone and everyone. Yet, I’ve never had the opportunity to record any of my music and have no experience in a studio. I am eager to gain some, if given a chance. I truly believe whole-heartedly that I’ve got something worthwhile to contribute to the music industry.”

“I plan on going to college upon my release, to study Music Theory and any other courses that might assist me in the fulfillment of my dream – to one day share my music with the world. I am open to criticism and appreciate any and all guidance, advice, instruction, or direction that others can provide.”

“I want others to enjoy listening to my songs, as much as I enjoy writing and performing them, and hope that others will want to hear more.”


“Thank You, for taking the time to listen to a bit of what I have to say & sing! And, I hope that life leaves you with a smile on your face, and experiences worth singing about.”


“With love and respect,”


Gerith Crow

Notes on the Artist: In addition to being a singer/songwriter and Captive Artist™, Gerith is pursuing a vocational certificate in Aerospace Composites, and currently holds a 3.97 GPA.