We're thrilled to announce that A Touch of Light is now Fiscally Sponsored by Shunpike!

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

At its core, fiscal sponsorship allows independent arts groups the ability to raise funds for their artistic projects using Shunpike’s tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization. 501(c)(3) is the tax determination given by the IRS to a non-profit charitable organization, which allows donors to receive a tax deduction for supporting a public charity. Under Shunpike’s fiscal sponsorship, arts groups and organizations can offer tax-deductible receipts to donors and may be eligible to apply for government and foundation grant programs usually only available to organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

Who is Shunpike?

Shunpike was founded in 2001 to support a vibrant and diverse local arts community where arts groups of all sizes could thrive.

Initially, Shunpike and its founding members produced their own arts projects – in theatre, music, literary arts, visual arts, and arts education. By 2003, it was clear the organization had built a strong administrative structure to support these projects. 

Shunpike now serves almost 200 arts groups throughout Washington. Collectively, this cohort collaborates with 5,000 artists annually to create 2,500 artistic projects , seen by 500,000 people.

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Seattle, WA 98104